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Tim Stroshane, Editor

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A Note to Readers

SPILLWAY is a newsletter whose mission is to interpret California's current and future growth and development; investigate alternatives to the agricultural and urban dystopia California currently builds for itself; and provide a forum for downstream and upstream voices of economic and ecological watershed sanity.

Too few Californians know enough about California's history, its water, its land, its peoples. Many Californians are first-generation residents or recent immigrants. They are not to be blamed for their ignorance of water issues, however. California must do a better job of educating its residents about these issues if democratic governance is to flourish here, and so that the state's water resources are protected and used appropriately. These are SPILLWAY's larger tasks.

If these things interest you, we hope you will take some time to read the essay here on California water, land, and people. View the photographs as well, and when you're done, we hope you'll bookmark SPILLWAY and return often to get caught up with what's new here.

SPILLWAY used to be a subscription-based newsletter, but we've abandoned this "business model." New issues and back issues of the newsletter are free to download. Paper copies of back issues are also available on request.

Instead, SPILLWAY will have occasional SPILLWAY newsletter-style issues along the way, and other web-based links and resources that expand on SPILLWAY's mission. A web log may come on line as well. If you wish, send in your email address so you can receive announcements of changes at this web site, and receive new writings on California's water, land, and people through cyber-space as soon as they're available.

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Last updated: 17 October 2008